Using the news

Read- High tax rate harms UK economy :

Good for....:

a. incentives to work

b. brain drain

c. Laffer curve

d. elasticities

e. labour mobility

f. tax evasion vs tax avoidance

Read: Greece to speed up cost cutting

Good for discussing:

a. fiscal austerity

b. Eurozone debt crisis

Read- UK international competitives falls

Good for discussing factors that affect international competitiveness on the A2 course

Read- Childcare costs in UK soar :

Good for ideas on:

a. child poverty

b. labour market immobility

c. supply side policies

Read; - Why is US debt so high? (1) ; (2)

Read- Swiss franc intervention

Good for:

a. Currency wars for 2011-2012 have started early this academic year - protectionism

b. beggar thy neighbour policies