Butter Mountains etc

This is about CAP.

On the left is a chart showing the beef and butter mountains.

My question is a very simple one.

In Europe there are some who are homeless. There are some who are starving - in fact in Russia there have been stories of the starving turning to cannibalism!

So, my question is this.

Why not give the surplus food to the starving, to the homeless in your own country?

Also, instead of paying people NOT to produce, why not pay them TO produce and then give the surplus to the poor, the needy?

I have read some answers....

1)Costs of transfering the food

We are talking about food in your own country. Yes there would be administration costs and some transport costs - as there is with all food. But there are health costs for the poor, starving and homeless. There are administration costs too - plus crime.

2)Some types of food are non-transferable that can not be kept for a long time.

Not grain:

"As far as other intervention stocks are concerned, the EU has 717,810 tons of cereals in the grain mountain and 41,422 tons of sugar"


3)The over-produced food is limited that it can just help preventing starving for a short period.

Best stop all cancer-drugs, all chemo-therapy too....

Those people who are now fed, stronger etc are more likely to look for work...

4)Local farmers may be affected by the free food from European countries for that their incentives to produce food may be reduced. Consequently,in the long run,it can make situation n the poor countries even worse.

Someone who is poor, homeless, starving is not going to SELL the free food given to them!

5)It is very difficult to decide which starving country can be given the food. Sometimes,this will influence the relationship between two countries.

I am talking about giving it to your OWN country - isn't Europe seen as 'one'?

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